Tim & Chiron

Tim & Chiron

Tim and I live in Walthamstow, London.  We moved here five years ago, just before the crazy gentrification of the area. I’m from Peterborough originally but my parents are from Guyana and Tim is from the north east of England where his parents were both born and still live. Both of us have been in London for a good chunk of our lives, having moved here after university for work. Tim worked in advertising for nearly twenty years before becoming a photographer and I went to drama school after finishing an arts degree in Leeds and have been pursuing both acting and photography ever since.

Both of us love to cook and enjoy food from all over the world. Tim loves hearty dishes and enjoys offal (which I still resist) and English flavours that remind him of home. I’m partial to anything with a lot of spice, particularly Indian and West Indian food that, among other cuisines, I grew up on.  On Sundays we often tend to cook something wholesome and comforting. In the winter months in particular we usually have a roast or a stew or toad in the hole with roast potatoes or mash and a big pile of veg. 

Our guilty pleasure is that it’s compulsory to have pudding, with custard, every week, the moment the weather is cool enough to justify it.

We don’t have any traditions on a Sunday other than to spend the day doing very little. We’ll usually start the day with a hot drink and a pastry in the garden – weather permitting - then take our dog Henry out for a walk, often to Wanstead Flats or Walthamstow Marshes. We’ll then decide who’s cooking and the other will relax and read the paper. We share the cooking evenly between us but it fluctuates depending on work.

Recently I’ve been shooting for the talented duo behind Aphrodite’s Food, Capturing lots of their creations, many with the delicious pomegranate ketchup that they also produce.  I’ve tried several of their dishes during shoots and Dixie who does most of the cooking is inspired by the flavours of the eastern Mediterranean. I’ve never cooked much from that region before so thought it would be fun to host our own Sunday dinner during the summer with a few friends and use all of Aphrodite’s recipes. I did the cooking but trying to shoot it too was an interesting challenge!

an eastern mediterranean feast, followed by OTTOLENGHI giant meringues and a fresh fruit salad


 Cured beef & pomegranate with cheese potato croutons (veggie option with beetroot too).

Aubergine & Yoghurt salad

Chicken Fesenjan (veggie option with butternut squash, mushrooms & courgette).

Chickpea rice.

Fattoush salad.

- Hummous, olives & focaccia/ciabatta.

To finish

 - Fresh fruit salad with a lime and honey dressing.

- Raspberry & Chocolate meringues from Ottolenghi on Upper Street.

Chantilly cream.

For convenience I ordered all the ingredients online from waitrose.com.

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