Ray & Teresa

Ray & Teresa

Ray and Teresa, both retired are a wonderful couple that live in my hometown of Peterborough. Ray is from Kilmallock, County Limerick in Ireland and Teresa is from Poznan in Poland and they have lived in Peterborough for around 37 years.

Ray does most of the cooking in the house and today he’s cooking Polish hamburgers because he knows they make Teresa happy.

What’s your earliest memory of a Sunday Dinner and what did it entail? 

R: My nan brought me up and would cook potatoes and turnips. I'd run out to the Farmer's fields and steal the Turnips. I didn't have a proper Sunday Dinner until I moved to England when I was 18. 

T: In our small flat in Poznan. We'd go to church in the morning. Me and my two brothers, we'd come home and eat chicken soup that my mum cooked. 

What do you enjoy most about Sundays? 

R: Relaxation

T: Going to bingo sometimes  - not every Sunday, and listening to my music. Classic FM.

What’s your guilty pleasure on a Sunday? 

R: Watching telly or football.

T: Bingo

What’s on the menu? 

Polish hamburgers with gravy  "klopsiki" 

Klopsiki - Polish burgers

Irish Mash potato

'Mum's' Carrots

'Mum's' Cauliflower with a breadcrumb and butter sauce

Red Cabbage

Bisto gravy

What’s your inspiration for cooking this meal? 

R: Because I always cook this, it makes my wife happy

T: It's one of my favourite polish dishes.

Who’s cooking the meal? 

R: Me and Mum is dipping in.

We say 'Mum's' because these were originally Teresa's dishes.

Where are your ingredients from? 

R: Sainsbury's and the Polish shop for herbs.

Steph & Ben

Steph & Ben