Katie & Paddy

Katie & Paddy

Katie and Paddy are are an amazing creative couple. Paddy works as a copywriter for an advertising agency and Katie is one half of WORM. WORM is a wonderful pairing of two incredibly talented women who are florists. WORM offer something slightly different though, as gifts, they pair flowers with books. Such an amazing idea and wonderful to receive something along with a beautiful bunch that will last forever. 

Katie and Paddy like to reminisce about their childhood through their Sunday Dinners and usually have something similar to a school dinner, something simple, tasty, stodgy and comforting.

Today, they cooked delicious fish finger sandwiches with homemade tartar sauce with fresh thyme and lemon mocktails. The amazing rolls they bought from their wonderful local Pavilion bakery on Broadway market. The fish fingers absolutely had to be Birds Eye and the fruit, veg and other ingredients from their local market stall and supermarket.

What kind of food do you enjoy cooking?

We eat quite simply. I love herbs and use a lot of fresh herbs and a lemon is usually added to most things. Fish is my favourite. There is not a type of fish or sea food which I dislike. In Kerry in Ireland there is this lovely little fish shake on the side of the road that sells muscles and lovely fish caught that morning. I love cooking anything from there. Its such a treat and everything is always so tasty. You don't really have to do anything to it and it still tastes great. beside the fish shack there is a table which a farmer throws a load of veg on and you can buy it. The onions and carrots are all covered in soil and there is something so brilliant about buying from them. 

Who does most of the cooking in your household?

I do! I find cooking relaxing and really enjoyable so I naturally am just drawn to doing it.

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget?

I don't know if you consider a little pan a gadget, but its my favourite item in our kitchen. Its bronze with a nice wooden handle. Paddy’s mam gave it to us when we moved in together and we have cooked many  dinners in it. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up on a Sunday?

I nearly always have to work on a Sunday. I love when I get time to have eggs on toast before I leave. I hope that one day I will have Sundays back to myself. I reckon then I will have a bath when I wake up.

Do you have any long-standing family traditions? 

My mother puts money in the kale and potato mash at Halloween. Even now it's still really exciting. 

What’s your guilty pleasure on a Sunday?

Those pesky fish finger sandwiches!!!

Fish Finger sandwiches with homemade tartare sauce and a lemon and thyme mocktail


For the tartare sauce:

Mix the egg yolks, salt and mustard together in a food processor, or with electric beaters, or a whisk. Once well combined, very gradually drip in the oil, beating all the while, until you have mayonnaise – don't be tempted to add it too fast, especially near the beginning, or it will curdle. It will be very thick at the end, but don't worry, the pickling liquor will thin it down.

Stir in the pickling liquor, followed by the remaining ingredients. Taste and see if it needs seasoning, or indeed any extra pickle juice. Serve at room temperature.

Fry the red onions in a little olive oil until softened. 

Grill or fry the fish fingers until brown.


Tartare sauce recipe: The Guardian


Serves 2

For the sandwiches

2 Bread rolls (or more if you’re hungry)

1 pack of Birds Eye fishfingers

1 Red onion, chopped

Fresh tomatoes, sliced

For the tartare sauce

2 egg yolks

Generous pinch of salt

1 tsp Dijon mustard

125ml sunflower or groundnut oil

125ml olive oil

2-3 tbsp pickling liquor from cornichons, to taste

1 heaped tbsp salted capers, rinsed and chopped

1 heaped tbsp cornichons, chopped

1 heaped tbsp chopped parsley

½ tbsp chopped chives

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