Andy & Nia

Andy & Nia

Andy and I had met and worked together on a photoshoot in LA several years before I eventually got to shoot his Sunday Dinner. We’d talked about the idea and he was really interested in taking part in but his circumstances then were very different to what they are now. When I was planning on shooting Andy’s lunch he was living in a bachelor pad in Manhattan Beach with his roommate and their Sunday they would usually be spent being hungover, smoking, drinking whisky and eating pickles. It would have been a fun and very different dinner to the kind I usually shoot but that’s what I love about the diversity of this project and how people spend their day.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was back in LA on a job with a spare Sunday to capture a dinner. I got in touch with Andy again and he was as up for the shoot as he was before but his circumstances could not be more different now.

Andy now lives in Santa Monica with his girlfriend Nia and their stunning four-month-old baby girl called Presley. (Er, THE best name!). 

Where in the world are you from?

I was born here in L.A., parents are from Colombia. Misses' grew up in Bakersfield and her pops is from Pittsburgh, PA.

What’s your occupation? 

Senior Project Manager/Model : ) Misses is a bartender.

What kind of food do you enjoy cooking? 

I usually make fried egg sandwiches on the weekend. 

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget? 

Copper pot for sure. 

What ingredient can’t you do without? 

I love pickles and mustard. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up on a Sunday? 

I make coffee and add in some whiskey

Do you have any long-standing family traditions? We’ve been starting new ones with the new little family - we've been enjoying taking our sandwiches down to the Palisades Park on the weekend. 

Who do you spend your Sunday with? 

My baby girl, Presley Rose and my misses, Nia. 

What do you enjoy most about Sundays? 

Getting to spend unhurried time with my family. 

What’s your guilty pleasure on a Sunday? 

Lots of whiskey. 

What’s on the menu? 

Coffee with whiskey. Egg and Turkey Bacon sandwiches. 

What’s your inspiration for cooking this meal? 

Started as a hang-over meal (minus the hang-over some of the time now :). 

Who’s cooking the meal? 

I usually do. 

Where are your ingredients from? 

Whole Foods down the street. 

Who are you sharing the meal with? 

Nia and Presley.

Where are you eating the meal? 

Probably at our place on the outdoor patio if the weather is nice and depending on the babies mood. Lots of times we eat in shifts with one of us holding the baby while the other eats : )

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