Amanda - The Blues Woman

Amanda - The Blues Woman

Amanda originally from Oakland, California has been living in Copenhagen for a couple of years. She's an incredibly talented chef, writer and food stylist and is currently planning the opening of her first restaurant; 'The Blues Woman' which opens later this year.

Amanda and I connected on Instagram and I immediately knew I wanted to shoot one of her Sunday Dinners. Through The Blues Woman, Amanda is bringing southern cooking to Denmark, inspired by African American women ‘who not only made it to the proverbial Promised Land, but used their art, culture, cooking, stories, magic, and blues to map out a way for all women to do the same.’

While the plans for the restaurant are still being finalised, Amanda also hosts a monthly supper club called Five & Dime where people from all over Copenhagen can come together to discuss social issues, build new relationships, listen to great music and enjoy incredible food.

On this Sunday Amanda hosted a brunch in the space The Blues Woman will eventually be, in the stunning Nomad Workspace situated in Nørrebro Courthouse. She invited a group of friends who enjoyed a feast of grilled peach, honey and cornmeal waffles with bourbon whip and lavender garnish. Green tomato salad with cherries and pea shoots and oyster Florentine with sourdough toast. All washed down with delicious grapefruit mimosas.

Amanda invited Tim and I to share join her and her friends and we didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was absoloutely delicious. Amanda is a wonderful talent and I can’t wait to visit again when The Blues Woman is finished.

What’s your earliest memory of a Sunday Dinner and what did it entail?

It entailed friends and family gathering after church to hang out and eat. It was a special time, because we would often go out to eat on Sundays. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up on a Sunday? 

Stare at the ceiling, and brace myself for the day

What do you enjoy most about Sundays?

Hanging out in the sun and reading. 

What’s your guilty pleasure on a Sunday?

An almond croissant and a roibos tea

Amanda - The Blues Woman (Video)

Amanda - The Blues Woman (Video)