Growing up, I was always excited to find out what was for dinner at the weekend, particularly on a Sunday. Knowing it was going to be sticky, luxurious and comforting, always had me salivating on a Friday afternoon at school. I grew up eating food from different cultures and my mum was always experimenting with something new. Seasoning was key. Whether we were eating at home or with family or friends in their homes, our diet was rich and varied. I grew up loving and finding food exciting and I learned early on that it could satisfy cravings, be a comfort during a difficult time and had the ability to bond people with huge life differences. 

I trained at arts school focussing mainly on photography and then went on to drama school to do an MA in acting. People have always fascinated me and I love telling stories. Combined with my love of food Sunday Dinners was born. I’m fascinated by people’s eating habits, particularly on Sundays so I am capturing a cross section of society and telling their story surrounding food on the day of the week that is known for many across the globe, as a day of rest.

If you would like to take part or just get in touch to say hello, I'd love to hear from you, so please drop me an email.